If you have travel dreams,
you need a travel plan.

Of all of your life priorities, leisure time is one asset you can't earn back. Once it's gone. It's gone. To safeguard against this issue, we created the travel industry's first Wanderlist® travel portfolio.

Building on the model of a wealth advisor and blending the popularity of the bucket list, a travel portfolio helps organize your messy wish list into a thoughtful travel plan.

By collaborating with our seasoned designers, we will help you maximize your most valuable, non-renewable asset - your time.

Virtuoso Wanderlist® is a valuable program that saves time, money and most importantly, offers the peace of mind knowing you will achieve your travel dreams.​

How Wanderlist Works


Curate: The journey begins with each traveler rating their interests, dream destinations, and travel experiences. Use the Wanderlist online tool to organize your travel dreams.


Explore: The fun continues with your personalized travel portal where you can explore places and experiences tailored to your interests.


Create: Work with a Wanderlist advisor who’ll help map out your future travel possibilities based on your travel portfolio.

Trust the experts at Gateway Travel to organize your messy bucket list into a thoughtful travel plan.