Sonny Cohn
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Sonny Cohn

Advisor, Independent Affiliate

What is your favorite destination?

What itinerary do you enjoy planning for clients?
Independent trips through Europe.

What was one of your best travel experiences?
Driving through Switzerland. The scenery was gorgeous, right out of The Sound of Music.

What is the most interesting/exotic locale you’ve visited?
Asia. I visited the extraordinary cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong and Bangkok. It’s truly like being in another world. I also enjoyed Argentina- Buenos Aires & Mendoza.

What’s on your travel “wish list”?
Sicily and Australia.

What was the most memorable event that happened to you while traveling?
While driving from Normandy back to Paris, we got stuck in a roundabout. We could not get out of it until the police came and stopped four lanes of traffic for us!

What was your most memorable purchase while traveling?
Anything I buy along my travels is always special because it always reminds me of the destination and puts a smile on my face. I especially enjoy a ceramic pitcher from Positano and framed silk fabrics from Hong Kong.

What was your most memorable meal while traveling?
Every meal in Italy!


  • Leisure Travel
  • Honeymoons
  • Multi-generational family vacations


  • Sea view of the Amalfi Coast
  • Sunrise at Haleakala Volcano
  • Driving through Switzerland
  • Lunch at Hôtel du Cap, French Riviera
  • At the peak of Jungfrau Mountain

Once again you are our hero. The resort on the Mayan Riviera was great and a good time was had by all. Thanks for everything and for another wonderful adventure!

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