Janet Randolph
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Janet Randolph

Advisor, Independent Affiliate

What is your favorite destination?

What itinerary do you enjoy planning for clients?
Independent travel to Central Europe.

What was your most memorable travel experience?
While driving through Provence in France, we chose our restaurants based on the ones with the prettiest curtains in the window. We never had a bad meal!

What is the most interesting/exotic locale you’ve visited?

What city could you revisit over and over again?

What’s on your travel “wish list”?
Australia, South America and Russia.

When traveling, what can’t you leave home without?
Medicine, Hair Iron and my Kindle.

What was your best purchase while traveling?
A ring in Grand Cayman because I could no longer find in the US.

What was your most memorable meal while traveling?
Napa Valley- French Laundry, Paris- Ledoyen, St. Paul de Vence- La Colombe d’Or.

What travel tips do you like to share with your clients?
What to pack, the importance of travel insurance, passport rules, sightseeing and restaurant suggestions.


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