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Dave Badalamenti

Advisor, Independent Affiliate

What is your favorite destination?
My next one!

What was your most memorable travel experience?
Six months after our first encounter, my soon-to-be husband and I quit our jobs, sold our homes and businesses and went on a trip around the world for a year- Europe, Africa, India, Asia and Australia. I knew I had met my match!

What is the most interesting/exotic locale you’ve visited?
I’ve been lucky enough to have visited over 145 countries on all seven continents, plus an additional 50 territories; including the Gobi, Sahara, Atacama, Mojave and Sonora deserts; the Nile, Amazon, Yangtze, Danube and Mississippi rivers; the Alps, Andes, Himalayas, Rockies, Pyrenees and Dolomites.

What’s on your travel “wish list”?
I have 48 countries left in the world to visit! Next ones include: Madagascar, Mozambique, Malawi, Mauritius; and Suriname.

What culture/experience surprised you?
Mongolia. I love the people, culture, landscape and food.

If I had an unlimited budget, I’d…
Take a chartered Gulfstream V with friends and family and head to the Caribbean to visit the small islands of the BWVI.

When traveling, what can’t you leave home without?
Plastic baggies, flashlight and iPod.

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever packed for a trip?
I always take my own mosquito netting when traveling to malaria regions.


  • Luxury Adventure
  • Expedition Cruising


  • Bluff Oysters in New Zealand
  • Orecchiette in Puglia
  • Tarag yogurt in Mongolia
  • Mici in Romania
  • Caviar in Iran
  • Cassoulet in SW France
  • 12 Bones BBQ in Asheville, NC
  • French Laundry in Yountville, CA
  • Bouley in NYC
  • Carnivore in Nairobi
  • Chiles en Nogada in Patzcuaro
  • Sashimi at Tsukiji Fish Market at 5am in Tokyo

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