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Connie Wolberg

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What is your favorite destination?
Italy. I can almost point to any spot on a map of Italy blindfolded and have a wonderful vacation.

What itinerary do you enjoy planning for clients?
I like to include at least one place that’s a bit off the beaten tourist track and one to linger long enough to feel at home. These invariably wind up being the favorite parts of the trip.

What was your best travel experience?
For fourteen years, I planned, organized and accompanied group trips for Rabbi Sherwin Wine. They were all amazing because he was able to synthesize and communicate history, geography and sociology in a truly unique way.

What is the most interesting/exotic locale you’ve visited?
Outside of Jodhpur, India, we stayed in a luxurious tented camel camp and rode a jeep on trackless dessert to meet people living so simply that if the modern world as we know it were destroyed, they would probably not be affected. This was the city that had it “all” - the best fort, temple and shopping we experienced in three weeks in India.

What country could you revisit over and over?
Israel. There is so much history there per square foot, it’s almost like peeling away an onion. The diversity of climate, topography and people in such a tiny land always surprises and delights me..

What’s on your travel “wish list”?
Croatia and Panama.

What was the most memorable event that happened to you while traveling?
On our last day at a Caribbean resort, I was enjoying a swim. There was a guest nearby and we struck up a very interesting conversation that somehow lasted for almost two hours. She finally mentioned that she hated flying although she had to fly a lot for work. I asked what she did and she said she had a TV show. I said I didn’t watch much TV, but what was it called. She said “Judge Judy.” I asked if it was shown in Detroit. I didn’t have a clue!!

What culture/experience surprised you?
I discovered in India that most of life there occurs outdoors, in the street. Therefore, it is a great advantage, to see it all at eye level, from a car, rather than from the height of a tour bus, looking down from sealed windows. I would encourage clients to travel with private guides and drivers, which are quite reasonably priced instead of with a group tour.

If I had an unlimited budget, I’d…
Go everywhere by private jet!

When traveling, what can’t you leave home without?
A comfortable pair of ballet flats for walking even when I’m “dressed up.”

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever packed for a trip?
For a month-long student trip to Greece many years ago: a beach chair and attached umbrella. I must have thought we would be on the moon and there’d be no stores.

What was your most memorable purchase while traveling?
A chess board of inlaid marble alternating with other exotic colored stones purchased from the artisan in Florence.

What was your most memorable meal while traveling?
We took a “culinary cruise” on the S.S. France when its restaurant had two Michelin stars. Craig Claiborn and Pierre Franey gave daily cooking lessons and every night beluga caviar was ladled from a silver tureen until you told them to stop.

Any "words of wisdom" you’ve learned along the way?
I saw a sign once that said “if you can afford to fly business class and you don’t…your heirs will.” The truth is that everyone arrives at the same destination simultaneously. The main difference is when your vacation starts…before or after the flight.

What travel tips do you like to share with your clients?
I urge them to learn the basic local customs and observe them. For example, in most of Europe you should greet a shop clerk and say goodbye when leaving. Ask permission to browse. A restaurant bill will not be presented until it’s requested, etc.


  • Europe
  • North and South America
  • Cruises


  • US City- New York
  • European City- Rome
  • Family Destination- Grand Teton National Park
  • Hotel- The Oberoi, Udaipur, India
  • Honeymoon Destination- Panama

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