Bede Epstein
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Bede Epstein

Advisor, Independent Affiliate

What itinerary do you enjoy planning for clients?
Southeast Asia.

What was your most memorable travel experience?
South Africa. It offers so many wonderful experiences; a meaningful history; extraordinary natural sights; thrilling game park adventures seeking out “The Big Five”; Cape Town, which is a very cosmopolitan city in a beautiful natural setting; wonderful hotels; and great food and wine. All of these wrapped up in one trip made it truly memorable.

What is the most interesting/exotic locale you’ve visited?

What hotel could you revisit over and over again?
The One & Only Hotel in Cape Town.

What’s on your travel “wish list”?
A river cruise on the Mekong River, Laos, Greenland and Iceland.

What culture surprised you?
Vietnam. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. And, the culture and history was extremely fascinating and interesting.

If I had an unlimited budget, I’d…
Go to Paris!

When traveling, what can’t you leave home without?
A wooden, hand-painted back scratcher from China.

What was your most memorable meal while traveling?
Dinner at M on the Bund in Shanghai overlooking all of Pudong and remembering my first visit when the area was just a rice paddy.

What travel tips do you like to share with your clients?
Allow this travel experience to broaden your horizons. Be open to new experiences. Count to 10 and try to adjust when something goes wrong, as this will generally happen at least once on a trip. Relax and enjoy!


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